Welcome to the Wonderful World of Watercolor

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Watercolor
May 8, 2010 Michele

red house

“The Red Door”
Watercolor 5×7

Alright, I know that title sounds corny but I guess it describes how I feel about my painting. First of all, Welcome to my blog! This is my first post and I hope you will enjoy visiting here often. My hope is to share my love of painting, views of art and travel and general happenings. Watercolor is a great medium! It is amazing to watch the paint mingle with the water on the paper. Every painting is a surprise!

Some of the paintings I would like to share are of doorways and entryways that I have been working on. My theme of “Every Doorway has a Story” really holds true. How many homes have you passed by and wondered what has happened behind those doors??? I have translated those thoughts into paintings that are fun and vibrant. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
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  1. smellyrhinostudio 8 years ago

    Awesome new blog! I am following you! Your idea is phenomenal and I love the way you are carrying it off…I am so excited to read the "story" you imagine behind each door…ooh, you could write a book about it!

  2. Sharon 8 years ago

    Hi Sue – This is very nice. How'd you write that nice entry when the rest of us were scratching our heads?? Sharon

  3. Lindsey 8 years ago

    Hey, I like the Tuscany one!! You had not showed me that one before.

  4. Krista Meister 8 years ago

    What a lovely painting, and congrats on the new blog! I'm partial to windows and doorways as well and try to imagine what lies beyond.

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