The Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast
June 12, 2010 Michele

beach house row

“Beach House Row”

One of my most relaxing times I get to paint is when we go to the beach. We have a great little place on Navarre Beach, Florida. The house is right across the street from the ocean so it is so easy to carry over your paints in your beach bag with a towel and chair. Most of the time it is pretty quiet on the beach, especially in the late afternoon, my favorite time. Listening to the repetitive sounds of the ocean puts you in that zen state of mind and the colors in the paint start to flow.
Aside from the huge effect the oil spill in the Gulf will have to the environment and tourism in this area the thought of even the possibility of losing these beautiful beaches to the oil spill is personally disheartening.
The painting above is one from a recent visit to the beach. I loved the different colors of the houses as they line the coast. So bright and colorful.Can you imagine the stories these doorways have?
Let’s hope their is a resolution to this oil spill soon.

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  1. smellyrhinostudio 8 years ago

    Beautiful piece, Sue! I understand your fear and I hope there will be a solution soon to stop the leak so real cleanup can begin. I pray that you will have your beautiful view forever!

    visit ripplesketches at blogspot for some info on raising money for the cleanup effort, one artist at a time!

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