The case of the traveling paints

The case of the traveling paints
August 8, 2012 Sue









My bags are packed I’m ready to go….  One of the best parts of traveling is having some extra time to sketch the new scenery and  I’ll be heading off to Barcelona – I’m super excited!!

So, I thought I would share with you some of what I take along with me. My motto is to keep it simple, cause you gotta carry it! The photo above is the Cotman travel box . I like this since it has plenty of mixing space, 14 wells and a tiny sponge. It also has a water bottle but I hardly ever use it since I usually have a bottle of water with me.


I also love saving all types of tins and this one was from a watch that came from Brighton and it fits my brushes, pens, pencils and erasers, just right.







And if I really want to keep it small, I have this tiny 8 well palette. It is just so cute, I love it. And it fits right in my pocket!  Oh, the toothbrush is perfect for creating those splatters.






Then all of these goodies fit neatly in a plastic carry bag. I can then throw it into a suitcase, tote bag or pocket book so that I can paint anywhere.

What is that plastic carry bag you ask?? I save the those plastic bags that your sheet sets come in, they are a great size for carrying your paints.


I’ll be taking lots of photos and sharing with you all, so stay tuned…


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  1. Carin 5 years ago

    I love seeing what art supplies other people bring on their travels. And I love that you use the bag your sheets came in for carrying it all. I tend to use the bags from a certain clothes shop I buy from to keep it all in. Safe and fun travels!

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      It’s great to re-purpose products isn’t it Carin, or maybe I just hate throwing things away, ha! I’d love to see the bag you use to carry your supplies.

  2. Suzanne 5 years ago

    I love your tips for your travelling paints Sue. Have a wonderful vacation with our daughter.

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      THanks Suzanne,we’re off to a great start on our vacation! Trying to get used to the time difference!

  3. That is just so wildly inspiring to me!
    traveling with my art supplies
    ….the idea tugs at something delicious inside.
    i really do like the way you live:)

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      Jennifer- I wish I could have packed up the whole studio but really needed to keep it simple. I’m hoping to get some painting done tomorrow.

  4. Michele 5 years ago

    What a great post. I hope your trip is everything you want and more! Enjoy!!

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      Thanks Michele! We are having a marvelous time… although it is coming to an end quickly. I have so many photos to share, so stay tuned!

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