Take time to explore

Take time to explore
February 3, 2016 Sue

"Explore" acrylic mixed media

“Explore” acrylic 8 x 8

Even though the challenge of 30 paintings in 30 days in January is now over I hadn’t had time to post some of the other paintings that I had created but I did want to share with you all.

It was hard enough finding the time to paint, let alone photographing, editing and posting. That is a whole separate challenge- at least for me.

So you might be seeing some of these paintings dropping into these posts.

As this piece was coming together I felt a sense of a landscape and my mind wandered to travel and exploring. I love exploring new places and bringing my paints with me to capture the experiences. In a couple of weeks I will be traveling to Florida for a painting workshop so stay tuned for some new work from that.

Tell me, how do you explore??

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  1. Michelle 2 years ago

    I explored the same way you did, Sue! I did the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge. I found myself a bit frazzled in the middle, but energized and excited about new possibilities by the end. Have a great time in your upcoming workshop!

  2. Lulu Bea 2 years ago

    I explore by having all of my art materials within an arm’s reach and just GOING for it. I try not to plan, I just play (which can be tricky!) I noticed that if my art materials were tucked away, I would also stick to the same ones. Now I find myself reaching for all different materials to use within the same project. It’s quite liberating!

  3. Elda 2 years ago

    I enjoy the colors and how they interact with each other in this painting. Simply beautiful. Looking forward to you sharing your paintings from the Florida workshop.

  4. Amy Putkonen 2 years ago

    I love exploring. My problem is, too MUCH exploring! lol… So this weekend, I did some painting of my own. I started on Debbie Goode’s online painting class. I’m a bit of a newbie, but it was inspiring! I like the idea of a 30 day painting challenge. Sounds like fun!

  5. SKJAM! 2 years ago


  6. Naomi 2 years ago

    I am so impressed that you did 30 in 30 days! I can understand the impossibility of taking photos and blogging them. What a lot of work! Your paintings are beautiful.

  7. I really love what you’ve been creating, Sue!
    Your mixed media and funky perspectives are really speaking to me these days.
    I love how you keep growing and exploring and being curious in your art and with
    your paints. I think that’s how I explore mostly….with new ways to do what I already know.
    I love exploration. Thanks for the sweet inspire!

  8. Nanette Levin 2 years ago

    What a fun painting – and industrious undertaking with this challenge. I look forward to seeing more of what resulted from this in coming posts.

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