From the Sketchbook

Lemon Pear


“Lemon Up” and  “Paired Up” © Sue Grilli

Painting and creativity doesn’t need to have to include a huge amount of time with setups, lighting and materials.

I truly enjoy my time when I take out the sketchbook and just use ordinary objecsts around the house and get some brushwork in.

This day I was using some fruit that I had. I simple set the fruit on white paper so that I could see the shadows better.

The one on the left I added a bit of a design element with the purple checkered background to add some interest on the page and to break up the color a bit.

And adding a title gives it a punch with fun!

So dust off that sketchbook and get out there- and get creative!!!


It was a “lemon” sort of a week. So what is a girl to do?? Make some lemonade I guess!  For me, it’s get out the paints and paint some of those lemons and wash the cares away. It was a great way to start the day this morning.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of painting with a friend in her studio. We had a marvelous time, painting, chatting and sharing painting ideas. I usually paint alone so this was a treat. And what a great studio she had too. Even her cats came and joined in the fun.

I’ve been working on the pieces for my exhibit in June that I am doing together with my daughter. She is a photographer who has traveled around the world and we will be showcasing her photos and my watercolors inspired by those photos. Much work to do on this project and I’m sure I’ll be sharing all of the preparations along the way. Perhaps even a few sneak peaks at some paintings! Stay tuned…