I have been taking this fantabulous ( yes that is a word, at least in my vocabulary), e-course with Liv Lane over the past three weeks on how to build a blog you love.  Oh, the things I have learned! But what scares me is that there is probably so much more out there that still needs to be squeezed into my head. I’m excited though to see where this leads me.


This week Liv started a blog hop where we each list blissful moments in our week. Wow, that’s not really something that I normally think about. Yeah, I’m grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life, but never considered bliss.


But here goes, who knows maybe I will become more aware of all the wonderful blissful moments around me…


1) Super tight hugs from the grandsons- it doesn’t get much sweeter than that.


2) Driving with the top partially down on the Mini, in January ~ gotta love the South


3) Having the best hubby who is remodeling our master bath

4) Getting some time to paint, this is always BLISS !


 Savannah Inn

“Savannah Inn” © sue grilli