Painting Challenge – Day 3 – Lavender Door, Ireland

Painting Challenge – Day 3 – Lavender Door, Ireland
September 4, 2013 Sue

The Doors of Ireland was a suggestion of artist Vickie Martin Conison, check out her site here. She sent me a link with several doorways in Ireland, one just more charming than the next, it was so hard to choose. Can you believe this one though- a lavender door- too cute!

"Ireland Lavender Door" Watercolor 5 x 7 $100

“Ireland Lavender Door”
Watercolor 5 x 7 $100

This painting challenge is part of the 30 paintings in 30 days Challenge with Leslie Saeta. Check out her blog here to see some of the other 300 artists participating in this event!

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  1. You did a great job capturing that door!!!!! I love this challenge you are doing – I think doors are a great series. Thank for the shout out!

    • Author
      Sue 4 years ago

      The thanks go to you Vickie for this great reference photo. I might even go back to some of those others too! So far the challenge has been super fun!

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