Painting Challenge – Day 28 – Taking flight

Painting Challenge – Day 28 – Taking flight
September 28, 2013 Sue

I’ve been away for the past few days at a painting workshop sponsored by the Georgia Watercolor Society in conjunction with their Member’s Exhibit, so I haven’t been able to post any paintings. The wi-fi at the hotel has been spotty . But since I have some internet time now I thought I would post a photo of my painting from the workshop that is still in process.

The instructor is Lian Zheng and he has been a wonderful teacher. I loved how he started the workshop with reminders on creating good compositions and how to plan them out. We did our paintings with only 3 basic color paints- that was both a challenge and a bit freeing, no need to decide which color to choose, just mix it!

So, this is just the beginning of my painting- there are sections that are masked out so that I can retain the white of the paper to be painted later. It has been a fun and exhilarating workshop.

taking flight 3

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  1. Sandy King 4 years ago

    Love this Sue. Miss your door a day, so nice to see you back .

    • Author
      Sue 4 years ago

      Thanks Sandy! It was a great workshop- but I’ve been missing the doorways too. I will have to get back to them even though the 30 day challenge is over. I still owe a couple of paintings to friends out there who sent in a photo.

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