Painting Challenge – Day 23 – The Outhouse

Painting Challenge – Day 23 – The Outhouse
September 24, 2013 Sue
"The Outhouse" Watercolor 4 x 6

“The Outhouse”
Watercolor 4 x 6

Oh, a little rickety old outhouse is the featured doorway for today, complete with crooked roof. How charming!

I hope you all have been enjoying the doorways and paintings during this 30 day challenge as much as I have.

I know that a few of you have sent in a photo of a doorway that you might not have seen yet but hold tight. I’m still working away….

But the next few days are going to be really tight for me. I will be attending a painting workshop with the Georgia Watercolor Society and will be away for 3 days. So I’ll try to keep you posted on what’s happening at the workshop and post some photos about that if all the technology cooperates. ( Uh oh, forgot to check if the hotel has wi-fi!).

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  1. This particularly makes me smile:):):)
    I love the way you are taking each day
    so creatively…..such diversity:)
    Well done, you!

    • Author
      Sue 4 years ago

      Jennifer- well,I wouldn’t want you to get bored with all of these doorways now!! So glad you have enjoyed it!

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