One more doorway…

One more doorway…
October 8, 2013 Sue

I wanted to close out my challenge with one more doorway…

I got a bit sidetracked after the workshop I attended but I did have one more photo that I wanted to get painted from a fellow blogger and online friend, Kathy. Please take a moment to visit her blog at Wildflower Kath for a fun, creative and inspirational message.

I was so inspired by her home-  huge wooden beams, great stone work all set against a great big sky!

I only painted a small glimpse of the entryway as time would permit- enjoy!

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  1. Kathy Anne 4 years ago

    So honored you ended your month with my door. You captured the joy and love we have built this with. Thank you for your beautiful art.

    • Author
      Sue 4 years ago

      Kathy- this was truly an honor for me, I just loved your home and it was great to paint!!

  2. Suzanne McRae 4 years ago

    Sue this is absolutely beautiful. Kathy Anne your home is so beautiful. I thought for a minute it was my brother-in-law’s place it looks very similar. Lovely.

    • Author
      Sue 4 years ago

      Thanks Suzanne- isn’t her home great. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to paint it. I just wish I had time to do the whole house. Thanks for stopping by once again!

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