Off to the Market…

Off to the Market…
July 20, 2012 Sue

“Red Radish”©Sue Grilli

All around small towns and even big cities, Saturdays are becoming the day to shop at the Farmers Market. Get up early, get your recycled shopping bag and head out to market looking for fresh fruit & veggies.

For me, it’s more than just a shopping experience, it’s become a visual treat for the eyes. Colors, patterns, shadows forming in negative spaces, all sorts of design elements to experiment with.

Last week I just took my travel paints with me and my sketchbook and found a quiet spot to capture these bright radishes.

Do you have a favorite fruit or vegetable?

Be on the lookout, you might find your local artist capturing the scenery at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow!

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  1. I love taking my camera
    but never thought about taking a sketch pad!
    what a great idea!
    or maybe i could just sit and write for a bit.
    oh, there you go
    inspiring me again:)
    thanks for the happy nudge,

  2. Author
    Sue 6 years ago

    Jennifer, it’s like having mini still life’s all over! Some of the vendors are very creative in their setups. So get out and get sketching and have fun!!

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