New Years Resolutions ??

New Years Resolutions ??
March 5, 2011 Michele

1843 house

“1843 House” watercolor © Sue Grilli

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about New Years Resolutions when it’s already March. Well yes, I’ve been busy and haven’t been posting here and I know I needed to get back but more important I wanted to share this idea with you.

First- I don’t do New Years Resolutions, never really did. They just didn’t seem to work. After a few weeks everyone forgets about them anyway so why bother.
But then last year I came upon a blog from an inspirational coach who was talking about a Word of the Year. Well that intrigued me! Basically you do some soul searching on what direction you want your life to go into the coming year and you use this word to remind yourself throughout the year of your goals. I’m sure I’m not explaining very well so I’ve attached a link to the original post “Resolution Revolution” by Christine Kane. Check it out, I think you will like it and it’s never to late to choose a word.
So, what’s my word you ask? Well it’s actually two-” Grounded Growth”. To be able to grow not only on a personal level but to continue to grow my art business. But sometimes growth is overwhelming. The end of 2010 was filled with many projects and the stress was building up. I’ve added “grounded” to my growth to help keep me focused and more in tune with my personal goals.
So what will your “Word of the Year” be??

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  1. Krista Meister 7 years ago

    Lovely painting, Sue! Like you, I hate the idea of New Year's resolutions and I know several artists who use a word for the year. I myself like to think of a resolution as a "goal" and then I'm able to break it down in tasks. Great word you chose. If I were to choose one, it would be "balance", as in time management.

  2. h2oArt 7 years ago

    Balance- it seems simple doesn't it? But then why do we have to work so hard at it. Glad to see that you are back on the painting track.

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