I’m finally back!

I’m finally back!
January 14, 2012 Michele

Whew! what a whirlwind of a Holiday season this had turned out to be. There were all sorts of events and activities swirling around, art festivals, parties, commissions to be painted, oh and my regular day job of course! Let’s not forget that.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I  loved all of the hustle and bustle and actually sometimes that keeps me motivated and focused but unfortunately with all of that some things just have to be put aside and the blog was one of them.

So pardon my absence but I’m back, yeah!! And I’m hoping to bring lots of creative inspiration to you (you know how I believe that EVERYONE has something creative inside of them), info on my current work and shows and I would love to start hearing about your creative endeavors too!

One of the things I just started to help me keep on track with my blog was this Super e-course “How to Build a Blog you Truly Love” with Liv Lane. So stay tuned for some fun stuff!

Well, I gotta run for today, I am off to the High Museum in Atlanta to see the Picasso to Warhol exhibit with friends from the Monroe Art Guild, I’m so excited to have a fun art day planned.

Just want to leave you with a photo of a painting I did for Lindsey at the Judson House- Coffee and Gift shop in Bethlehem, Ga. It is a great new shop with Southern gifts, antiques and the Best coffee around. Stop by and see them.

judson house
Judson House ©sue grilli stud

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  1. Mel VO 6 years ago

    What a great painting of the coffee house! I just went to a wonderful Picasso exhibit in Australia while there for the holidays. It is one of the biggest Picasso exhibitions with some 150 paintings, drawings and sculptures; made possible only by the closure of the Musée National Picasso in Paris for renovations, hopefully Atlanta will make the exhibition’s world tour!! It was very impressive, they say they are Picasso's picassos, a large collection from his private collection! Very impressive!

  2. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    How lucky you were to be able to see that exhibit. I always enjoy seeing the drawings of the masters along with their paintings. It gives you such insight as to how the painting came about. We'll see if it comes here to Atlanta to get a peek!

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