I need a name

I need a name
May 28, 2012 Sue

I’m coming down to the wire now.

Even though this has been a holiday weekend here in the States, I have been working hard preparing for my exhibit in June. I had to be sure that all of the paintings got matted and framed by this weekend since next weekend my daughter will be arriving with her photos and we will then have to get those all framed up.

So, I’ve been cutting, taping and stapling. I’ve gotten cut by glass and stabbed by staples. But guess what- they’re DONE!  Woohoo!






All stacked up!

But now I need your help-  after all of this I just realized that I don’t have a name for one of my paintings and I’m really stuck on this one. I have 20 paintings for this exhibit and some of the names just flowed and were really fun. So maybe I’m just tired.

Anyway, here’s your chance to participate and to help a girl out. Just reply back in the comments- oh the original photo was taken in Greece.

Thanks- and I’ll be sure to let you know what I choose!


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  1. Susan 6 years ago

    My first reaction when I saw this painting was one of stillness. Serenity. Midnight Mass. Peace. Waiting.

    Hope that helps. Titles are crucial to the sale.

    When totally up against the wall I’ve found the blind finger stabbing at a random word on a random page of a random book can be surprisingly effective. 🙂

    • Author
      Sue 6 years ago

      All great feelings from the painting, thanks. But choosing a word randomly out of book is priceless. I will definitely have to try that out.

  2. Michele Bergh 6 years ago

    I love the suggestion of “stillness.” Reverent came to me as well.

    • Author
      Sue 6 years ago

      I was hoping that the darkness of the sky would give that feeling of “stillness”, Michele. So glad that you felt that and that it came across

  3. my senses keep swirling around the bell
    and the twilight sky
    ……seeing the the whole thing
    in terms of light and sound for some reason,
    and the names “moonlight call”
    and “twilight call”
    keep dancing in front of me.
    Just sort of where my heart lands
    ….it’s such a beautiful mysterious painting, Sue.
    You amaze me:)

    • Author
      Sue 6 years ago

      Excellent choice Jennifer! Thanks!!

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