How to save a failed painting

How to save a failed painting
March 13, 2017 Sue

One of the important activities of an artist is to experiment with supplies, try out new compositions and just play in general. I know for me it helps to get the creative juices flowing when I am in this play mode.

But one of the consequences of this play is that I end up with lots of “failed paintings” or experiments. Now that doesn’t mean that the whole process is failed. Lots of times there are portions of the painting that work really well.  Here is an idea on how I save these paintings to create one of a kind note cards to send to friends and collectors.

I start laying out and observing the painting – what area am I drawn to?

I then use a  mat that I cut to a standard size to fit into the cards I purchased. The cards have a built in mat where you can slide your painting into. I use Strathmore Photo Frame Cards that you can purchase at any of the art supply stores or here on Amazon.

Move your mat around the painting looking for a pleasing composition.


There are little gems in these paintings that might have ended up in the trash.

Mark and cut those sections

And insert into the cards

Ta Da!! A wonderful mini abstract painting to send off as a one of a kind note card – who wouldn’t love receiving this in the mail?

How do you salvage your failed paintings?? Share your ideas here.


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  1. nicole 11 months ago

    what a great idea! i love this!

    • Author
      Sue 11 months ago

      Hi Nicole- thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed this fun idea!

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