How to care for your watercolor painting-

How to care for your watercolor painting-
May 18, 2016 Sue

How exciting- You purchased an original watercolor painting that you love ! But now what? How do you care for it?

Well first, let’s agree that you do need to take care of it. The simple fact that your painting is created with water soluble products on paper makes it fragile. But don’t get scared – here are few tips to make your painting last a lifetime.

  • Most important- your painting should be framed by a professional. Putting your watercolor behind glass ( or plexiglass) will protect it from outside elements such as dust, humidity and sticky little hands.
  • Do not hang your painting in direct sunlight. Even though professional artist materials were used for your painting the sun can do severe damage in fading your painting. Best suggestion would be to rotate your artwork through your home.
  • Not all environments are suitable for hanging original artwork. Humidity in a bathroom, grease in a kitchen or soot from a fireplace can damage your art. Be thoughtful when choosing a good location.

And above all – ENJOY!! Art is created to enhance our lives – live with it everyday!

Dancing Poppies, Watercolor Painting by Artist Sue Grilli

“Dancing Poppies”

Watercolor 21″ x 14″




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  1. Deborah Weber 2 years ago

    Great suggestions Sue. I have a lot of art in my home and love switching it out – rotating pieces and adding new ones. I’ve often thought it must be fun being a framer – to see so much varied art all the time.

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by. I always seem to be rotating my art as well, mainly because I’m creating new pieces and I like to live with them for awhile before sending off to a new home. Oh gosh, yes. Not sure if I would love to actually be a framer ( way too detailed) but I love all of the mouldings and to be able to mix and match with your paintings, fun!!

  2. Amy Putkonen 2 years ago

    I would love to switch out the artwork in my home. My husband is a stubborn man and likes everything just where it is. Sigh. When we move to FL in a few years, I’ve already told him that we are not putting up anything already up in this house unless its an absolute favorite.

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      Oh Amy, so sad to hear that hubby likes everything where it is. I would probably drive him crazy!!ha ha!

  3. Anonymous 2 years ago

    Yes….well done! I especially like the tip about rotating the artwork. Not only is it beneficial for the art itself, but it also gives your home a fresh new look!

  4. Kelly L McKenzie 2 years ago

    Yay! You’re writing! Great to see you back. Love your “Dancing Poppies,” Sue.

    It never fails to amaze me when I switch up the artwork in my home, how a new location can make a painting feel fresh to me. I look at it with new eyes. It’s so important to me to rotate everything. Thanks for the reminder that I should do it soon!

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      Hi Kelly! You are so right about how a new location makes that painting feel fresh & new. Perhaps it the different type of light in the room. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. welcome back! good tips – and I like the switching up idea!

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      Thanks Vickie- good to be back!

  6. Nanette Levin 2 years ago

    Great tips for watercolor care, Sue! I don’t have to worry too much about sunlight damage in my current location but have learned that lesson in the past the hard way. Your “Dancing Poppies” is delightful.

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      Hi Nanette,
      Some of those lessons are learned the hard way – hopefully you didn’t loose too much. I have a set of chairs that have now been damaged by the sun and they aren’t even by a open window. The sun down here in Georgia can be brutal. Thanks for stopping by!

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