Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is
January 19, 2016 Sue
Cottage Home - watercolor

Cottage Home 5 x 7
SOLD – Sue Grilli Studio


I love that saying ” Home is where the heart is”.  It’s not the 4 walls of a house, it’s the memories of the people and events that have occurred over the years that make it a “home”.

I thought I might share a few of the special paintings where I have helped people express the love of all the memories created in their homes.

These are what I have been working on this week for my 30 paintings in 30 days challenge, I just love creating these unique pieces of art. Even though I haven’t been posting every day, I’ve been a busy little bee in the studio!



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  1. Nanette Levin 2 years ago

    What a fun painting – and inviting little house! I get why it’s sold (even if it wasn’t to the owner). You’ve really captured the charm, warmth and energy of this historic, cared-for homestead.

  2. Michelle 2 years ago

    30 paintings in 30 days….wow! You must be a busy bee for sure! I completely agree that it’s the memories and the life that is lived in the home that matters most. I know if I had my dream home (a little tiny cottage/shack in the woods) it would be filled with so much love. I don’t need a statement house…just a home. <3

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      What a great statement- ” I don’t need a statement house.. just a home” I feel the same way!!

  3. Anonymous 2 years ago

    What a delightful practice to start the year with Sue. And what a lovely painting.

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind comments!

  4. Lulu Bea 2 years ago

    Can you really finish a painting in 1 day? The detail is amazing!! Great work!!!

    • Author
      Sue 2 years ago

      Lulu- it depends on the size and complexity of the subject. Lots of times I work on more than one painting at a time so I’m working in stages. Thanks for your kind comments!

  5. Kelly L McKenzie 2 years ago

    I could move in right now. Love it. This cottage looks well loved. You’ve captured the spirit so well.

  6. Elda 2 years ago

    Your painting is simply DELIGHTFUL! The colors and textured look was captivating to me. I really enjoy the purple windows and all of the greenery around the home. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

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