From the Sketchbook

From the Sketchbook
February 4, 2013 Sue

Lemon Pear


“Lemon Up” and  “Paired Up” © Sue Grilli

Painting and creativity doesn’t need to have to include a huge amount of time with setups, lighting and materials.

I truly enjoy my time when I take out the sketchbook and just use ordinary objecsts around the house and get some brushwork in.

This day I was using some fruit that I had. I simple set the fruit on white paper so that I could see the shadows better.

The one on the left I added a bit of a design element with the purple checkered background to add some interest on the page and to break up the color a bit.

And adding a title gives it a punch with fun!

So dust off that sketchbook and get out there- and get creative!!!

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  1. Kathy Anne 5 years ago

    Sue – This really speaks to me this morning! I think we are on the same creative wavelength. The lemons are so fresh and pretty. You really speak your heart with your watercolors. Thanks for sharing your light. ~kathy

  2. I love sketchbooks. I use them for notes, not sketching. There’s something so special about the paper. Thanks for the share.

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      Sheila- I’m kind of a sketchbook junkie for notes or sketching just love the textile nature of them!

  3. Naomi 5 years ago

    What a nice idea, Sue. Sometimes I don’t even begin because of all the mess of the process, but this is perfect!

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      Naomi- yes sometimes you just need to keep it simple so that you can be creative more often!

  4. Julie McCullough 5 years ago

    Very nice and great idea to just add the white paper below to see those shadows better. That was a ‘duh’ moment for me 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      THanks Julie for stopping by my blog, so good to see you here! Isn’t it funny how it’s the simple things we just miss at times! I do it all the time!

  5. Ruth Packard 5 years ago

    I agree with Julie…I never thought about the white paper. I love sketching, especially before I write. I feel that it somehow helps me concentrate on perspective. Sue, I sure wish I felt comfortable with water colors.

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      Ruth, I agree- I think sketching gives your mind a chance to open up either before painting or in your case writing. And as far as you feeling comfortable with watercolors, I say just go for it! It is an easy medium to play with and to add to your journaling. Stay tuned for some tips and tricks with watercolors!

  6. Wow. I can do this with words. I really like what you did here.

    • Author
      Sue 5 years ago

      Arwen, thanks for stopping by! I so admire what you do with words, it is such a challenge for me. Hopefully my paintings can tell the story.

  7. Michele Bergh 5 years ago

    Thank you for the reminder that it can be nice and easy to be creative. I really enjoy seeing all your projects. My favorite above is the one with the touch of purple. I love the color contrast!

  8. Sherry Newman 5 years ago

    I just started using my “sketchbook” last year for all of my notes. I keep it a a kind of business diary and it holds thoughts, impressions, possibilities and frustrations. I would love to be able to paint all of that but the words remain my brush. Thanks for the post, it reminds me to make sure I get my new “creations” into my sketchbook.

  9. Amy Putkonen 5 years ago

    I guess that my words are my brush too, but it would be fun to do a little more painting. Thanks for the inspiration, Sue!

  10. 6ftmama 5 years ago

    I love lemons! Thank you for sharing and you are right! Adding the text was a great way to add some punch!

  11. Suzanne McRae 5 years ago

    What a neat and simple idea to get us creative. Thanks Sue. Lovely watercolour artwork once again.

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