Every Doorway has a story…

Every Doorway has a story…
May 15, 2010 Michele

my front door

If any of you have purchased a home then you can understand all of the trials and tribulations of finding just the right home for yourself and your family. I know my husband and I had our mental list of items that we were looking for but yet still wanted to be flexible. We searched for quite a long time, just not finding the one that fit. If it had the space we wanted then the location wasn’t good. If it had a great yard the inside was too small. When we stumbled upon the house we now live in everything seemed to fit just right. There was a good “feeling” in the house. I couldn’t quite describe it to friends but I knew this was the house for us. So we moved in and got to know the neighborhood. To my surprise I found that there was an Art Guild in the town, Monroe Art Guild. Who would have guessed! I met the director and introduced myself. While we chatted and I described where I lived she asked if that was our previous owner’s house. A bit perplexed I said, “yes”. Well, she said that she was one of her favorite artists, a photographer!! So that’s why there was a room with no windows and why I had such a good feeling about this house that is now our home. It had the “artist” vibe. The painting above is our front door dressed for the holidays. So that is this door’s story, what’s your story?

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    Hi Mom how do you "follow" a blog?

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