March 5, 2012 Sue

How do you handle deadlines??

Are you a planner and have everything mapped out with checklists?

Or do you wait till the last minute and then work like a crazy woman?

I’m a thinker- I ponder, daydream and consider my options. I think while I drive, I contemplate in the shower. Always mentally planning the next painting or big event. I would probably do better if I just made a list but for some reason I need to just noodle those ideas around.

Well, my time is now running short. I’m down to about 3 months before my exhibit and I’ve been painting like crazy this weekend. I have all these ideas in my head, now I just need to get paint on paper. And of course hope it all works!

“Dusk” ©suegrillistudio

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  1. Patti 6 years ago

    It sounds like you have found a system that works for you. I can sometimes drive myself crazy with planning.

    • Author
      Sue 6 years ago

      Thanks Patti- We’ll see how well this “system” works when June comes, ha!

  2. I’m a noodler of a planner……I play with the plans
    like playdough
    and keep it all loose and fluid
    within my own definition of structure
    and then let my rush of inspiration at the last minute
    have it’s happy go:)
    It bites me sometimes
    but gives me joy;
    I guess I’d rather trade energy
    over efficiency.
    By the way, I just love this watercolor paper texture you’ve got going on here:)

    • Author
      Sue 6 years ago

      Jennifer- don’t you just love that explosion of creativity!

  3. blair shackle 6 years ago

    Hi Sue!

    I’m a planner by nature, but for some reason I think (for me) it’s good to try and go with the flow more often! Sometimes my best ideas come when I’m not trying too hard…like you said…in the shower! 🙂

    Your exhibit will be wonderful! I love your art!


    • Author
      Sue 6 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by Blair- maybe we should start taking more showers, ha!

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