Christmas in July

Christmas in July
July 24, 2011 Michele

You probably think I’m crazy even thinking about Christmas when the weather here in Georgia has been in the 90’s for 5 days straight. Well, I decided to take an online workshop with Laure Ferlita to get in the mood for some art journaling and sketching so that I can actually get planning on my Holiday cards this year. If any of you know me, then you know that each year I design and create a painting that I use for my own Christmas cards, it has become a sort of tradition now. Usually I am down to the last minute rushing around to come up with my painting so this year I decided to plan ahead. It has been great getting those juices flowing with all sorts of holiday and winter thoughts. I’ll post a few of the possibilities for the cards this year. Feel free to let me know your favorites or even if you have some suggestions of your own!

And while we are thinking of Christmas, holidays and gifts, now would be a good time to contact me if you are considering a home illustration as a gift for someone this year. It tends to get busy the closer we get to the holidays and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if I couldn’t fit yours in this year. I can add all of the holiday decorations so no need to wait till you have them up on your house!

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  1. Claire M 7 years ago

    Great card idea here! I like the tree off to the left surrounded by all of the packages. Very nice.

    Thanks for your comment on my late postings in the CIJ class. I got behind and was lucky to finish. Too much 'life' going on at once. Hope to see more of your work in the future.

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