Challenge complete!

Challenge complete!
October 1, 2017 Sue
Lost Messages

Challenge Completed

Whew! Challenge Completed – what a month it was. I hope you enjoyed following along and checking out the new artwork that came out of it.

My last painting that I finished up is ” Lost Messages”. It took a bit longer to complete as I was interested in creating a lot of texture and layers and that is hard to push faster. Art needs to take time. It is my reflective time.


This month I’m participating in an online challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days hosted by Leslie Saeta. Artists from all over the world come together to challenge each other and share their artwork. You can see all of the artwork that is being created here on Leslie’s blog.

I’m excited to share this experience with you as I aim to create a body of work unique to me. Feel free to forward this blog post to any friends or family that you think might enjoy it.

You can also find me on Instagram here @suegrilli where I will have some of the behind the scenes photos creating these pieces.

Let’s do this>>>>


Today’s painting, “Lost Messages”  is 24 x 36 on gallery wrapped canvas,$550. You can find this painting in my  shop here.

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