• Feb282017

    My New Toy


    Ok, I admit it – I’m a art supply junkie. Going to the art supply store is like being a…

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  • May182016
    Dancing Poppies, Watercolor Painting by Artist Sue Grilli

    How to care for your watercolor painting-


    How exciting- You purchased an original watercolor painting that you love ! But now what? How do you care for…

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  • Mar052013

    Back from the dead


    Well, if you’ve been missing some posts here from the Creative Spark that’s because I’ve been hit with some of…

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  • Jan292012

    What is Bliss???

    I have been taking this fantabulous ( yes that is a word, at least in my vocabulary), e-course with Liv…

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  • Jan222012

    A simple tip to get the creative juices flowing

    Do you ever just sit there staring at that big, white, blank piece of paper not sure where to begin??…

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  • Jan182012

    Lisbon, Portugal

    St George’s Castle, Lisbon, Portugal © Sue Grilli Studio I was going through my sketchbook the other day and came…

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  • Sep042011

    A special doorway

    Cartersville Doorway ©Sue Grilli For those of you who might not know me well, I just love doorways! I’m not…

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  • Aug132011

    Georgia Watercolor Society Member Exhibition

    Simply Southern- Watercolor© Sue Grilli I had been waiting for the mail to arrive with news about my submission to…

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  • Jul242011

    Christmas in July

    You probably think I’m crazy even thinking about Christmas when the weather here in Georgia has been in the 90’s…

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  • Jul092011


    Summer is probably my favorite season. I love the warm weather, even if it does get pretty hot here in…

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