The Creative Spark

  • cloud 23

    Cloud series -23

    Cloud Series – 23  A bit of orange and red sneaks into today’s paintings suggesting a sunrise or sunset. I felt like mixing it up some today with the colors. With only a week left in the challenge and trying to create each painting with some individuality I’m feeling the pressure here. But one thing has come to my attention

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  • cloud 22

    Cloud series -22

    Cloud Series – 22  In today’s painting I wanted to use an unusual paint. I searched through my stash ( which is quite extensive by the way, I’m a bit of a collector!) and came across some irridescent paint. OOOHH! Now that would add some sparkle to the clouds. With all the rain we’ve had here in the last couple

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  • cloud 21

    Cloud series -21

    Cloud Series – 21 Other than this challenge to do 30 paintings in 30 days, I do most of my painting on the weekends. I work at a day job so planning my studio time is important. I need to leave myself enough time in the studio to get those creative juices flowing. Sometimes when the muse isn’t sharing my

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  • clous 20

    Cloud series -20

    Cloud Series – 20 Today the clouds are all a swirl. I love the circular motion design that they create. A little unusual but that is where creative license comes in. Sharing art and the process of creativity is high on my list of priorities. Which is why I’m offering these little beauties at an affordable price of only $30.

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  • Cloud 19

    Cloud series -19

    Cloud Series – 19  It was a dark and stormy night….  sounds like the beginning of a mystery novel. That’s how I felt creating this painting, it was a mystery until all of a sudden it came together. Although I have an idea when I start a painting I’m not tied down to any particular finished product. I let the

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