Almost Home Grown

  • Cloud 14

    Cloud series -14

    Cloud Series – 14 There is a wonderful story that goes along with this painting. Right after I painted it a group of friends had seen it. One of the ladies really loved the painting and explained that it reminded her of her late father. She felt that it looked like an Arizona landscape, a place where her father always

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  • cloud 13

    Cloud series -13

    Cloud Series – 13 per·se·ver·ance ˌpərsəˈvirəns/ noun steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Perseverance seems to be the word for today. I need to keep moving forward with this challenge. I know there are good things to come. Sharing art and the process of creativity is high on my list of priorities. Which is why

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  • cloud 12

    Cloud series -12

    Cloud Series – 12 Round and round and round we go…. today the clouds have a circular design – how fun is that. I’m finding that in doing this series there are some days that it is difficult to create something that is different than the others. So I’m beginning to get a little worried – today is only day

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  • cloud 11

    Cloud series -11

    Cloud Series – 11 One of my favorite paint colors is Quinacridone Magenta. Love that bright pinky color, it brings a real spark to the page. And the fact that it is a transparent color is even better. I love to layer it over other colors and watch them change yet you are still able to see what is underneath.

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  • Cloud 10

    Cloud series -10

    Cloud Series – 10 Here’s hoping for blue skies. Bits of sweeping clouds bring a touch of color. Sharing art and the process of creativity is high on my list of priorities. Which is why I’m offering these little beauties at an affordable price of only $30. They would look fabulous in a special corner or grouped together in a

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