The Creative Spark

  • Abstract Challenge – 4

    Challenge Series -4   I’ve again painted this painting on a panel instead of canvas. I’m lucky to have a hubby who does woodworking and whenever he has leftover pieces I get first pick! I’ll apply several coats of gesso to both seal the wood and provide a surface that the paint will adhere to. This is the same process

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  • Abstract Challenge – 3- SOLD!

    Challenge Series -3- Sold!       Today’s painting is sold! Thanks! Stay tuned for some new pieces. I’m finding that painting on different surfaces or substrates provides a different look and feel to each painting. The last few days I’ve been working on panels and I love the hard surface it provides. I can really get down and push

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  • Cosmic Conversation

    Abstract Challenge – 2

    Challenge Series -2 Beginning a new painting can be both exciting and nerve racking. Approaching that white blank canvas can be debilitating. One way that I overcome this is by having a mindset that no matter what I put on the canvas for those first marks can always be painted over. So I just go for it… getting some overall

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  • Tybee Blue

    Starting all over again

    Challenge Series -1 Once again, I’m participating in a painting challenge to create 30 paintings in 30 days. Whew, and what a challenge it is. The host of the challenge is Leslie Saeta who puts this on twice a year. Artists from all over the world come together to challenge each other and share their artwork. You can see all

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  • How to save a failed painting

    One of the important activities of an artist is to experiment with supplies, try out new compositions and just play in general. I know for me it helps to get the creative juices flowing when I am in this play mode. But one of the consequences of this play is that I end up with lots of “failed paintings” or

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