Almost Home Grown

  • Cloud 19

    Cloud series -19

    Cloud Series – 19  It was a dark and stormy night….  sounds like the beginning of a mystery novel. That’s how I felt creating this painting, it was a mystery until all of a sudden it came together. Although I have an idea when I start a painting I’m not tied down to any particular finished product. I let the

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  • Cloud 18

    Cloud series -18

    Cloud Series – 18     This painting was inspired by those days where the sun  hangs low in the sky as it sets and creates a burst of reds and oranges. I just love those scenes. And once again here is that favorite color of Quinacridone Magenta. Sharing art and the process of creativity is high on my list

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  • cloud 17

    Cloud series -17

    Cloud Series – 17   What is your creative medium? I feel that everyone has some sort of creative gene in them. I hear often – I wish I could paint like that, I’m just not creative- but I don’t believe it! Painting is a skill that takes time, practice and commitment. Talent is only one part of it. Perhaps

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  • Cloud 16

    Cloud series -16

    Cloud Series – 16 Today I felt like adding some warm tones to the cloud series. We have had such beautiful warm weather here in the Atlanta area for January. I’m just loving it. Those warms tones are combined with the cool blue and greens of the sea. Perhaps I’m wishing I was at the beach! Sharing art and the

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  • cloud 15

    Cloud series -15

    Cloud Series – 15 Just a short post for today- family is coming over and it will be hectic here! Enjoy! Sharing art and the process of creativity is high on my list of priorities. Which is why I’m offering these little beauties at an affordable price of only $30. They would look fabulous in a special corner or grouped

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