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  • Earthly Creation

    Abstract Challenge – 9

    Challenge Series -9   Sometimes you just have to play….. get your hands dirty and splash around some paint!  Yeah!  That’s when the good stuff happens. You have to be OK with the notion that not every attempt at a painting is going to work out well. You have to experiment, take chances and try new things. And sometimes you

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  • Abstract Challenge – 8

    Challenge Series -8   Let’s chat!  I’m loving adding some hand scribbled writing into my art work and this piece felt like a mini explosion. This month I’m participating in an online challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days hosted by Leslie Saeta. Artists from all over the world come together to challenge each other and share their artwork.

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  • Floral Rendevous

    We interrupt this challenge

    We interrupt this Challenge   I’m interrupting the daily painting challenge today to share some exciting news. My painting ” Floral Rendezvous” is being featured on the cover of Southern Distinction magazine. I was beyond excited to hear this news yesterday. The painting had been on display for a juried show at the Monroe Walton Arts Center in Monroe, Ga.

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  • Abstract Challenge – 6

    Challenge Series -6   So Labor Day has passed, kids are back in school and we’re having cooler temps and lower humidity here in the South. I guess that means the end of Summer. It is my most favorite season with longer days and warm weather. Life just feels so much freer in the Summer. The deep rich colors in

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  • Abstract Challenge – 5

    Challenge Series -5   One of my newest tools that I’ve been using in my paintings is a fine line applicator. It is a small squeeze bottle that has a very fine tip that will allow paint to flow through. It has been great for adding line work detail and I especially like adding  writing on the piece. Sometimes this

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