Almost Home Grown

  • How to save a failed painting

    One of the important activities of an artist is to experiment with supplies, try out new compositions and just play in general. I know for me it helps to get the creative juices flowing when I am in this play mode. But one of the consequences of this play is that I end up with lots of “failed paintings” or

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  • My New Toy

    Ok, I admit it – I’m a art supply junkie. Going to the art supply store is like being a kid in a candy store. It is so hard to focus on what I actually went in the store for to begin with. All those bright sparkly supplies just staring at me from the shelves. Buy me, buy me!! Well,

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  • Cloud 27

    Cloud series -27

    Cloud Series – 27 I got a little behind this weekend with posting my paintings. So I’ll be catching up over the next couple of days.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to roll with it! Sharing art and the process of creativity is high on my list of priorities. Which is why I’m offering these

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  • cloud 26

    Cloud series -26

    Cloud Series – 26 As this series has unfolded I feel that I have learned so much  – both on the creative side, technical side and in processes. Yeah, that sounds like a lot but I think when you do something everyday for 30 days certain things become revealed. On the creative side – I’ve found that I’ve loved the

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  • cloud 25

    Cloud series -25

    Cloud Series – 25  Lots of fluffy clouds are floating in today’s painting with some red/orange sun shining through. As the challenge starts coming to an end it has been getting harder to create different designs in each painting. But I keep pressing forward – actually excited that I have come this far creating and posting every day. I think

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