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  • Lost Messages

    Challenge complete!

    Challenge Completed Whew! Challenge Completed – what a month it was. I hope you enjoyed following along and checking out the new artwork that came out of it. My last painting that I finished up is ” Lost Messages”. It took a bit longer to complete as I was interested in creating a lot of texture and layers and that

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  • Abstract Challenge – 25

    Challenge Series -25 I spent a good part of the weekend painting, which is not that unusual. Since I work during the day I look forward to time to myself on the weekend creating.  But every painting session does not always produce a completed finished painting. Lots of time I’m working on several pieces at once. While one is drying

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  • Abstract Challenge – 19

    Challenge Series -19 Well this has definitely been a challenge – not so much the painting itself but all of the other parts that go along with posting on a regular basis. There’s photographing, editing, adding to website and creating a post. Add that to a full time job and whew! no wonder I’m behind. But I’m doing my best

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  • Abstract Challenge – 14

    Challenge Series -14   From bold to soft, creativity covers the range of emotions. Just as our personalities are not one dimensional I don’t feel that our creativity is either. I enjoy painting stronger bold paintings using bright or dark colors and then other times my softer side comes out in a more delicate piece. “Soft Surroundings” has light colors

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  • Abstract Challenge – 12

    Challenge Series -12 Catching up today on posting for the challenge after we’ve been consumed with all of the Hurricane news. Concerned about family and friends in Florida and coastal Georgia. Thank goodness everyone is well. I even had the day off of work yesterday which allowed for some more painting time. Grateful that I didn’t have to go out

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