February 5, 2012 Michele

I’m linking up today to share some of the Bliss I’v experienced this week.

1) Meeting some wonderful people online through Liv Lane’s e-course, Build a Blog you Love. It is so refreshing to find such upbeat and helpful people in the world. I’ve truly enjoyed sharing and working with them online.

2) Have we not had the greatest weather here in Atlanta this past week or what? I am just loving it. It is 67 degrees today and I am  writing this post on my sunny porch. The reason this is so amazing to me is that I’m originally from NY and you don’t get this kind of weather in Feb.

3) Skype- it is Blissful- since it allows me to see and talk to my daughter who lives in Amsterdam. I’ve seen her new apartment and her new haircut, how great is that. And we get to discuss our joint exhibition we will be doing in June. Oh my, a year ago it seemed so far away and now it’s only 4 months and I still have quite a few paintings to complete.

cups with artwork

4) And of course, it is always blissful when I get the brushes out and mix up some paint! Here is a sample of my original paintings inserted in a Starbucks Coffee Mug. I made one for a friend’s birthday and she loved it!

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  1. Michelle Turbide, an artist on a soul journey 6 years ago

    I am sure it will be an amazing show with your daughter! Congrats.

  2. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks Michelle, I'm very excited about it. She is a photographer who has traveled around the world. So we will have her photos and how I have interpreted them in paintings. It should be fun!!

  3. Debbie Goode 6 years ago

    Yes…wishing you much success on the show!

  4. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks Debbie, I will need all the support I can get!!

  5. Jen Z 6 years ago

    LOVE the travel mug inserts! Btw – it was 60 degrees in NYC last week! All this warm weather doesn't seem quite right, but I sure am enjoying it! Have a blissful week…

  6. Jennifer Richardson 6 years ago

    what an AWESOME idea…..your own originals
    in a starbucks cup!!!
    so clever, you!
    I love it…inspired I am:)
    more joyful bliss to you,
    (isn't skype WONDERFUL! Carried my laptop around
    during our family Christmas celebration so my son
    in Afghanistan could be "with" us. It was both
    beautiful and heartwrenching. Still, I'm a big fan)

  7. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks Jen- I can't believe this crazy warm weather we've been having, no wonder everyone is getting sick.
    Ps: I tried to reply with a WordPress profile and it kicked me out too. I don't get it..

  8. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks Jennifer! Hopefully my new blog/ website will be done soon so that I can get them up for sale.
    I think we are so lucky to be able to keep in touch with our kids and family that are so far away. Hoping your son is safe!

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