January 31, 2012 Michele
“Everyone needs an identity of their own, not in relation to someone else… someone’s
daughter, sister, mother. “Artist” is mine alone. ”  (Janet Badger)

I think I have always been creative, at least in one form or another. Using my hands, arts & crafts, sewing, decorating, you name it I probably tried it. I have the art supply closet to prove it. 
Even though I had began college as an Art Education major, a lot of my artistic endeavors had been put aside to take care of my very young family as a single mom and delve into the business world. And boy does time slip by there. Before I knew it I had re-married, my kids were grown, off to college and moving out of the house. Holy cow!
My desire for being creative started to slowly creep back into my blood. The paints came out and I began taking some workshops and weekly lessons and it felt great! I began to get involved in the local community arts organizations and I truly felt more connected to my inner muse.
So, you’re probably thinking “oh how nice, what a lovely story”. But I keep wondering, who I am?
Dare I be called Artist ?
What makes you an Artist?
Who bestows that title on you?
If I say I’m an artist does that make me one? Do I have to win an award? Do I need a college degree?
I guess no one can answer those questions for me. All I can say is that there is something inside of me eager to come out. I know it’s there, I can feel it bubbling up, just waiting for a small crack to come exploding out.  And I’m so excited to be on this journey to find it!

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  1. theruffledgiraffe 6 years ago

    I can so relate. I love being on this journey and learning so many new things. I would definitely call you an ARTIST. 🙂 No award required. I look forward to the explosions that will take place.

  2. Michele 6 years ago

    You're an artist when you make art- just like your the cook when you make dinner and the cleaner when you do your housework. Forget about the label and just keep making beautiful things!

  3. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    It is a wonderful journey isnt' it? Thanks for your thoughts

  4. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks Michele, it is a hard thing to remember

  5. Laney 6 years ago

    I understand how you feel. I say you ARE an artist. It's a deep part of your soul, part of your being you. Beautiful paintings . . .

  6. Jen Z 6 years ago

    I can so relate to this! I feel this way about being a writer – aren't we all writers? But man, I will admit I was surprised to read these words here because no doubt YOU are an artist! You are very talented and I'm glad I was introduced to you work through Liv's class!

  7. MrsIngie 6 years ago

    Hey, are you the girl in the profile pic who is painting? Yes? Then you are an artist in my book 🙂 You make beautiful art, so please celebrate it and you. Today I double dog dare you to call yourself an artist!

  8. Mimi and Tilly 6 years ago

    I can so relate to your feelings here. I write all the time, in journals, on my blog. I write short stories, books for kids. I'm not a published author and although writing is something I have to do every day just to be me, I find it really tough to call myself a writer! My biggest dream to have a piece of writing published and to have a book I've written on the shelves of books shops! I loved reading your post. Em x

  9. Mimi and Tilly 6 years ago

    I've just taken a look around your blog and found your art work. Oh wow, it's so beautiful. You're an artist! Em xx

  10. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks Emma. I think all of us "creatives" need to stick together. we seem to share a lot of the same feelings. Hold unto your dream, that's what keeps us going. Thanks for taking the time to post here.

  11. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Double thanks!! Your so kind, it gives me so much pleasure and it gets doubled when I know people enjoy it.

  12. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Yep'rs- that would be me! Hat and all! I'm so glad you enjoyed my work- thanks, yours truly, the artist!!

  13. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks so much Jen. I think that whether we are writers or artists or chefs it is difficult for us to share our passions. I have truly enjoyed your writing in this class, it has opened my eyes to possiblities.

  14. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Thanks Laney for such thoughtful words!

  15. Michelle Turbide, an artist on a soul journey 6 years ago

    You are truly an artist.

  16. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    Much appreciated, thanks Michelle!

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