Are you still wrapping presents??

Are you still wrapping presents??
December 22, 2013 Sue

Hopefully all your gifts have been purchased for the holiday gift giving season.

And now for the fun part- wrapping them up .

I have to admit I love giving a gift that has been beautifully or creatively wrapped. It’s like putting the icing on the cake.

My packages are usually color coordinated each year- I guess I’m just a paper junkie.

I have even created my own gift tags from my sketches, oh yeah!!

And I’m sharing some with you!

So if you’re still wrapping feel free to use them for your packages and if you happen to be all done you can save them for next year.

Just print out on stock card paper and cut out. You can punch a small hole if you would like to tie with a ribbon if you like.

Of course this is for your personal use only.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Gift Tags

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  1. what a great idea for a giveaway….tags!
    I love tags and wrapping…..can’t imagine
    buying them from the store anymore.
    Like you, I think that’s the good stuff:)
    Enjoy this new year, braveheart,

    • Author
      Sue 4 years ago

      Hi Jennifer- hope you enjoy them, save some for next year and let’s welcome in 2014 with open arms!!

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