A special doorway

A special doorway
September 4, 2011 Michele
carterville door
Cartersville Doorway ©Sue Grilli

For those of you who might not know me well, I just love doorways! I’m not quite sure where that all came from but I found myself taking lots of photos of different or unique doorways, especially while we were on vacation. Sooner or later I began incorporating them into my paintings. I found the architecture so interesting and then I began to wonder what stories could be told from behind those doors. As I painted I would imagine a family’s history.

I was given a photo of this doorway by my good friend, Debbie that she took in her travels in Cartersville, Ga recently. I loved the stained glass window and the hand painted sunflowers. I’m sure the owners have a creative heart! It sparked some inspiration in me so I had to do a quick watercolor sketch of the door. How cute is that? I am wondering though what style or period of architecture the doorway is, I will have to try to look that up. If anyone knows please send me a message.

So if you find any unusual doorways in your travels take a photo and share,  you might just find a painting of it here on the blog!

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