A simple tip to get the creative juices flowing

A simple tip to get the creative juices flowing
January 22, 2012 Michele

Do you ever just sit there staring at that big, white, blank piece of paper not sure where to begin?? Well, I think that happens to all of us, especially me. My painting time is somewhat limited and on occasion I feel almost forced to sit and paint but I’m just not in the groove, so what is a girl to do??

Here is a quick and easy tip to get you going. Plus it is also great for beginner artists to practice drawing what they see.

I use my watercolor sketchbook but you could use any type of drawing pad.

Pick any object and place in front of you. In this example I used some dried hydrangea flowers I had in a vase. Now with your pen choose a place to start drawing but do not look down at your paper. You want this to be a blind drawing. Just follow along the outside edge of the shape. No going back and erasing either!  Yes, it will look a bit crazy, especially at first but the more you do it the better it will look. And the whole idea here is not to make a beautiful drawing but to get your mind switched over to the creative side! It’s funny how that actually works.

Once I had the pen work done I added some very loose watercolor paints. Lots of drips of water and then drop in a bit of color. Keep thinking loose and luscious, a lot of detail is not needed.

dried hydrangea

Here is a photo of the hydrangea’s I did. If you give this a try, share your photos- I would love to see them!

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  1. Jennifer Richardson 6 years ago

    gets the juices flowing
    just reading about you doing it!
    I love this…..reminds me of how I used to feel
    when I'd walk my little art students through that exercise and how my breath would go all slow
    and deep and peaceful just hearing their pencils
    or pens crunching around on the paper
    as their eyes lit up:)
    thanks for the happy nudge,

  2. Sue Grilli 6 years ago

    That sounds so poetic! I wish I could put words to the paper like that. Thanks for the kind comment…

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