A View from Coogee, Australia

A View from Coogee, Australia
August 8, 2010 Michele

coogee view

A View from Coogee, Australia

I was going through my sketchbook today as I was getting ready for my Art Talk at the Monroe Art Guild on Thursday and I came across this sketch I did in Australia. It was a trip I took back in 2005 to visit my daughter who was living there at the time. This was painted from her kitchen window overlooking the rooftops to the ocean. Although you had to stretch your neck a bit it was a wonderful view, especially if you had to do dishes! I was thinking of her today as she is making a trip for work back to Australia. She was so excited to be returning. And with views like this it’s no wonder.

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  1. Mel 8 years ago


    I was just reading this article as I sit down at my desk looking out onto that same beautiful Coogee beach!! It is so great to be back and you are right with views like this how can you not be!! I love this painting!! Spent many a days doing dishes watching out over the ocean 🙂

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